New 3D printing pen is coming to wonder you !

Most of us are still not aware of 3D printers.Technology is reaching new heights everyday.

Here is something that will thrill you. The first  lean 3D printing pen ! Yes.. you can write in 3D as well now !


                                       Image: Lix 3D pen

              A team of three inventors in Europe — Delphine Eloise Wood, Anton Suvorov, and Ismail Baran have invented this new lean 3D pen. They are planning to take their 3-D printing doodle pen, the Lix 3-D Pen, to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Now you can write in air with this 3D pen ! Lix 3D pen is “world’s smallest 3D pen.”

Previously the attempt was made by 3D doodler to make a 3D pen.

Old generation 3D pen                                        Image: 3D doodler pen

The 3D doodler was bulky and heavy to use. So, was not a famous one.

How does Lix 3D pen work?

  • It has to be connected with USB.
  • User has to fill up plastic string into it.
  • It works by melting the plastic and again cooling it to draw the shape.

Still not believing? Ok.. watch this video :


Estimated Cost: As per Lix, initially price would be around $140. Customer has to pay $70 for pre-booking.




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