Pocket Printer – innovated to carry in your pocket !



Era of mobile equipment:

Computers turned into Laptops. Telephones turned into Mobile phones. What about printers? None has tried to make a portable printer. The approach of making a printer was to have a machine in which we can insert page and printer will print the data on the page. So with this approach we would never make printers smaller that 8.5 inches.

Pocket Printer:

Here’s a Printer which you can carry in your pocket. Yes, this printer you can carry on palms of your hand.



  Image: Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

-How does it work?

Pocket printer is designed with a very different approach. Instead of inserting page into printer, this printer gets on your              page and crawls on the page to print.

-How to give print command?

Pocket printer has Bluetooth through which device will be connected to your mobile/laptop. The print commands are  communicated through Bluetooth.

-How to charge?

Pocket printer has a battery embedded into it. And it’s chargeable through USB. Battery lasts till 1hour.


– Who developed?

It is developed by Zuta Labs. And it is still on “Kickstarter” for funding requirements.

Whats your view on ” Pocket Printer”?

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