Know the time required for charging phone from USB..with “Practical Meter !”

Have you ever wondered why the charging duration for a mobile phone varies with different devices?

Few devices take low time to charge your mobile while few take a long time.

Here’s  a solution to know the approximate time to know the charging duration ! – “Practical Meter”



Significance of Practical meter:

1. The bars on practical meter shows the wattage of the charger.

2. Wattage will tell the approx. time required to charge the phone. Higher the wattage lower the time.


How to know time with wattage meter?

Lets take an example of i-Phone:

  • With Five bars : an i-Phone will go from died battery to fully charge in just 90 minutes
  • With Four bars: it will take 2 hours
  • With Three bars: it will take 4 hours

The practical meter comes with a 3-in-one charging cable:









Watch this video to know more about “Practical Meter” :


Techachaar- Practical Meter



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