“Microsoft Band”- The First wearable fitness device by Microsoft !

What is Band? 

Microsoft unveiled its first major wearable fitness device called “Microsoft Band.” It also introduced a new health platform to go with its Band, appropriately called Microsoft Health. Microsoft is selling its new Band through the company’s physical and online stores, for $199. It will work with all the major mobile ecosystems, including iOS, Android, and yes, even Windows Phone.



The device is designed to be worn by its users all day to track sleeping as well as exercise patterns. The band has built-in GPS and 10 sensors that are able to track ‘heart rate’. It has a unique UV sensor to measure sun exposure  and a “galvanic skin response measurement” which help identify stress.


The companion application which will analyse the data sent through the band will be available for iOS, Android and Windows phone. Band will also support Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant.

Price and availability : $199; So far a global rollout hasn’t been announced, but expect it soon.


The band will work with Windows Phone 8.1, iOS 7.1 and 8, and Android 4.3-4.4 devices all over Bluetooth. Some features, like Cortana on the Windows Phone, require a data or Wi-Fi connection

So far, it looks like a nice first attempt from Microsoft.


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