Mycestro: Wireless and Wearable Mouse !

What is Mycestro?

It’s a 3D mouse that you wear on your finger and operate using gestures and thumb actions. The Mycestro wirelessly connects to your computer, tablet or other device and allows you to control it from up to 30 feet away.

Mycestro achieved its funding goal through Kickstarter to build a wearable, wireless mouse. The goal of funding was $100,000, but they ended up getting $350,000. Because of its buzz on Kickstarter, it seemed like the product will be a hit in tech market. But even after a year of development, we have not heard much about the device which seemed revolutionary at start.


Let us review the device to know the reasons of its failure !



1. Finger Wrap: One can easily place the Mycestro on the finger you wish to wear it (typically your         forefinger, or “pointer” finger) and bend the strap around your finger so that it fits snugly.

2. Tap click: The click button panel is divided into three sections, left, middle, and right, which are      analogous to the left button, middle button, and right button on a mouse. Tap-clicking a section is        analogous to clicking a mouse button.







Mycestro could be used easily for following regular functions of a mouse:

1. Click

2. Scroll

3. Click and Drag


User Experience:

The above video is demonstration done by the Mycestro team itself. The movement of the cursor looks really slow and lagging. For simple gesturing one has to click the button and then move fingers. It does not make much sense and does not bring much convenience to use it replacing the touch panel. The usability of device is not much convenient and fast. So, it would require a lot of refinement in its designing to replace touch panels.



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